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Restaurant Menu

Taj Mahal menu


Chicken Tikka£5.25

Lamb Tikka£5.25

Tandoori Chicken£5.25

Tandoori Mixed Starter£5.95

Chicken Tikka Puri£5.95

Shami Kebab£5.25

Sheek Kebab£5.25

Samosa (meat)£5.25

Samosa (vegetable)£4.50

Aloo Chatt£4.95

Chicken Chatt£5.25

Rabbit Chatt£5.95

Onion Bhaji£4.50

Dal Soup£4.50

King Prawn Butterfly£5.95

Prawn & Puri£5.95

Prawn Cocktail£4.95

Main Courses

Tandoori Cooking

Tandoori dishes are marinated in yogurt and many spices, cooked in a clay oven which is fired in charcoal. All Tandoori grill main dishes are served with salad and either Pilau rice or Naan bread

Chicken Tikka£11.95

Tandoori Chicken (half)£11.95

Chicken Shashlik£13.95

Tandoor Mixed Grill£14.95

Sheek Kebab£10.95

Lamb Tikka£12.95

Lamb Shashlik£13.95

Tandoori Salmon£13.95

Tandoori King Prawn£13.95

King Prawn Shaslik£14.95


Tandoor Super Cooking

Served with Pilau rice or Naan Bread

Tandoori Chicken Curry£11.95

Chicken Tikka Curry£11.95

Chicken Tikka Masala£11.95

Tandoori Chicken Masala£11.95

Chicken Passanda£11.95

Tandoori Butter Chicken£11.95

Lamb Tikka Masala£11.95

Lamb Passanda£11.95

Tandoori King Prawn Masala£14.95

Tandoori King Prawn Passanda£14.95


Medium Curry Dishes

Lemon Chicken Curry£8.25

Chicken Curry£8.25

Chicken Bhoona£8.25

Chicken Dupiaza£8.25

Chicken Rogan£8.25

Chicken Methi (fenugreek)£8.25

Chicken Bombay (with egg)£8.25

Chicken & Prawn Curry£8.25

Meat Curry£8.25

Meat Bhoona£8.25

Meat Dupiaza£8.25

Meat Rogan£8.25

Meat Bhindi£8.25

Meat Bombay£8.25

Prawn Curry£8.25

Prawn Bhoona£8.25

Prawn Dupiaza£8.25

King Prawn Bhoona£11.95

Garlic King Prawn Curry£11.95


Fairly Hot Curry Dishes

Chicken Madras£8.25

Chicken Pathia£8.25

Chicken Dhansak£8.25

Chicken Ceylon£8.25

Meat Madras£8.25

Meat Pathia£8.25

Meat Dhansak£8.25

Meat Ceylon£8.25

Prawn Madras£8.25

Prawn Pathia£8.25

King Prawn Madras£11.95

King Prawn Ceylon£11.95


Very Hot Curry Dishes

Chicken Vindaloo£8.25

Lamb Vindaloo£8.25

Prawn Vindaloo£8.25

King Prawn Vindaloo£11.95

Dorset Blast, chicken, meat or prawn cooked with Dorset NAGA (very, very, hot!)£9.95


Spicy Medium Dishes

Chicken Tikka Bhoona£8.95

Chicken Tikka Rogan£8.95

Chicken Tikka Dupiaza£8.95

Meat Tikka Saag£9.95

Chicken Tikka Saag£9.95

Murg Massala£9.95


Spicy Fairly Hot Dishes

Chicken Tikka Pathia£8.95

Chicken Tikka Dhansak£8.95

Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi£8.95

Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi£9.50


King Prawn Pathia£11.95

King Prawn Jalfrezi£11.95

King Prawn Dhansak£11.95



Garlic Chilli Chicken Masala£10.95

Chicken Tawa£10.95

Chicken Khyberi£10.95

Lamb/Chicken Chameli£11.95

Fish Masala in Coconut Milk£12.95

Fish Bhoona £12.95


Medium Curry with Spinach

Saag Chicken£8.95

Saag Meat£8.95

Saag Prawn£8.95

Saag King Prawn£11.95


Mild Dishes

Chicken Korma£8.25

Chicken Kashmir£8.25

Chicken Malaya£8.25

Chicken Muglai£8.25

Meat Korma£8.25

Meat Kashmir£8.25

Meat Malaya£8.25

Prawn Korma£8.25

Chef’s Special Korma£9.95

King Prawn Korma£11.95


Karahi Dishes

Flavoured with green peppers, onion and other spices, served in a sizzling iron skillet, garnished with fresh coriander

Chicken Tikka£9.95

Lamb Tikka£9.95

King Prawn£11.95



Mixed Vegetables£7.50


Balti Specialities

Cooked with Chef’s special blend of exotic Balti spices and herbs (medium hot)

Chicken Tikka Balti£8.95

Balti Exotica (chicken, meat & Prawn)£9.95

Lamb Tikka Balti£9.95

King Prawn Balti£11.95

Chicken & Chana Balti£8.95

Chicken & Mushroom Balti£8.95

Chicken Tikka Saag Balti£8.95

Mixed Vegetable Balti£7.50


Biryani Dishes

Cooked with Pilau rice served with a medium hot vegetable curry

Chicken Biryani£9.95

Chicken & Prawn Biryani£9.95

Chicken Tikka Biryani£10.95

Tandoori Chicken Biryani£10.95

Chef’s Special Biryani£12.95

Lamb Tikka Biryani£11.95

Lamb Biryani£9.95

Prawn Biryani£9.95

King Prawn Biryani£13.95


Vegetable Biryani£9.50

Mushroom Biryani£9.50

As cooked for River Cottage on Channel 4

Rabbit Tikka (Khargost) curry or madras£10.95

Rabbit (Khargost) Chameli£12.95

Vegetarian Main Dishes

Mixed Vegetable Curry£7.50

Potato & Cauliflower Curry£7.50

Vegetable Madras£7.50

Vegetable Pathia£7.50

Vegetable Dhansak£7.50

Vegetable Korma£7.50

Vegetable Jalfrezi£7.50

Vegetable Masala£7.50

Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetable Curry£4.95

Mixed Dry Curry£4.95

Bombay Aloo£4.95

Mushroom Bhaji£4.95

Saag Bhaji£4.95

Saag & Bhindi Bhaji£4.95

Brinjal Bhaji£4.95

Cauliflower Bhaji£4.95

Bhindi Bhaji£4.95

Saag Aloo£4.95

Tarka Dal£4.95

Aloo Gobi£4.95

Chana Bhaji (chick peas)£4.95

Aloo & Chana Bhaji£4.95

Saag Paneer£4.95

Mutter Paneer£4.95

Dal Samba (hot)£4.95


Boiled Rice£3.25

Pilau Rice£3.50

Special Fried Rice£4.50

Mushroom Rice£4.50

Egg Fried Rice£4.50

Coconut Rice£4.50

Lemon Rice£4.50

Vegetable Rice£4.50

Onion Rice£4.50


Stuffed Paratha£3.50




Masala Papadum£0.95

Raitha (onion or cucumber)£2.50

Chutney or pickles£0.85 each

Mint Sauce£0.85 each


Tandoori Bread

Plain Naan£3.25

Garlic Naan£3.50

Cheese Naan£3.50

Garlic & Chilli Naan£3.50

Onion Naan£3.50

Vegetable Naan£3.50

Keema Naan£3.50

Peswari Naan£3.50

Set Menu for Two

Vegetarian Set Menu for Two

Starters:  Onion Bhaji, Vegetable Samosa;  To follow: Vegetable Karahi, Bombay Niramish, Saag Aloo, Mushroom Bhaji, Rice & Naan£33.95

Maharaja Set Meal for Two

Starters: Meat Samosa, Chicken Tikka;  To follow: Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Karahi, Aloo Gobi, Saag & Bhindi Bhaji, Pilau Rise, Nann, 2 Papadums with Chutney£39.95

English Dishes

Served with chips

Fried Chicken£9.25

Mushroom Omelette£7.95

Chicken Omelette£9.25

Plain Omelette£7.50

Prawn Omelette£9.25


A selection of parfaits, sorbets and ice creams are available including the Indian classics:


Traditional Indian dairy ice cream made with fresh cream. Available in pistachio and mango flavours

Gulab Jamun£4.25

A traditional Indian dessert made with milk and served and served in golden syrup

Gelado Rasmalai£4.25

An irresistible dessert made from a traditional Indian recipe called Rasmalai. Decorated with almonds and pistachio nuts


Indian tea£2.50


Floater Coffee£3.75

Irish Coffee£4.75

Calypso Coffee£4.75

Caribbean Coffee£4.75

Russian Coffee£4.75

French Coffee£4.75

Set Lunch Menu

Available Monday to Friday

Menu A

Dall Soup, Vegetable curry or Potato & Cauliflower curry or Vegetable Massala served with Pilau or Boiled rice£7.50

Menu B

Onion Bhaji, Meat or Chicken Madras or Bhuna or Kurna served with Pilau Rice, Coffee£8.95

Menu C

Onion Bhaji or Dall Soup, Meat or chicken Ceylon, Kashmiri or Bhuna served with pilau rice, Coffee or ice cream£9.95

Menu D

Chicken Tikka or Onion Bhaji, Meat or chicken Masala or Jalfrezi or Balti served with pilau or boiled rice, Bombay Aloo, Coffee or ice cream£12.95

Outside catering

We will prepare a delicious and authentic meal for you to serve at your celebration or business function. Contact us for details.
Please Note:  All meat is lamb

All prices include VAT

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