We are very pleased to inform all our loyal and valued customers that we shall re-open the restaurant on Saturday 4th July, following the Government’s easing of the lockdown restrictions.    We have conducted an in depth risk assessment and have adapted our operation to adhere to Covid-19 security requirements to provide the safest environment possible.   We have reduced the number of tables inside and hope to have a couple of tables outside the restaurant too.  We would encourage everybody to make a reservation so that we can ensure social distancing.

The restaurant will be open from 6pm until 10 pm on Saturday, and will then be everyday as usual except we will close Monday.  On arrival you will be met at the door and asked to use the hand sanitiser supplied and to provide us with your contact details.  Your details will be stored securely for 21 days and will only be accessed if requested by the the NHS Test and Trace Team to respond to any local coronovirus outbreaks.

Please remember that social distancing rules still apply, so be sure to read the government guidance on what you can and cannot do before making a booking: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/staying-alert-and-safe-social-distancing/staying-alert-and-safe-social-distancing-after-4-july

We will be continuing to run takeaways as usual, and again ask that you order in advance.   Home delivery at request.

We look forward to welcoming you.